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Plane Flying Overhead

CBT International, Inc. has been helping clients get their products where they need to be since 1986. Our team of customs brokers has ample experience in dealing with all of the complexities of the customs process. We even have brokers with experience as Customs Officers for U.S. Customs and Border Patrol, and their unique perspective gives us even more insight into the entire process. We also stay on top of the frequently changing customs rules and regulations, so you won't be caught off guard. And we make sure that you have the correct documentation in place ahead of the product's arrival in order to speed up clearance.

Whether your products are being moved over land, sea, or air, CBT International has you covered. We have experience working with a wide range of products, from foods and beverages to electronics. We provide the following services to importers and exporters while maintaining the highest standard of professionalism and accuracy.

CBT will calculate the cost of customs charges, including tariffs, taxes, fees, and duties. We will make sure that you're able to obtain any necessary customs bonds and free trade certifications. We can also prepare and file protests, in the event that becomes an issue. CBT can handle the automated systems used by U.S. Customs, and in fact our own operations are automated as well. Furthermore, we can handle a variety of international customs requirements, so your products can be moved as quickly as possible.


Plane Unloading

Air freight is the fastest method of transportation, and it ensures that your products will arrive from the most direct route. Air freight is also the most scrutinized method due to security concerns. Because the freight your business transports by air is both a high priority and likely to face scrutiny, it is incredibly important to work with a reliable customs broker.

CBT will make sure that your air freight's documentation is in order and in place ahead of time. We know what agencies like the TSA look for, so we will make sure that your products are in compliance with all relevant rules and regulations. CBT also has relationships with airlines, so we can find the necessary space for your products at the right cost for your business.


Column trucking

Transporting your freight by land gives you quite a bit of flexibility. Trucks can deliver significant quantities easily, and you won't have to wait for a ship's or airplane's schedule to align with your own.

CBT can make sure that the process of getting your products across the border is as seamless as possible. We will make sure you have the correct certifications, like the NAFTA Certificate of Origin. We can also work with you to provide logistical solutions to a variety of needs. Maybe your products need a temperature-controlled environment, or perhaps you're moving hazardous materials. CBT can also help find the correct space for products, whether you need full truckloads or a few boxes in a larger shipment.


Crates on a Ship

Moving products by sea offers some substantial advantages. Ocean freight is more economical, and you can also move very large volumes more easily. CBT can ensure that your ocean freight is ready to clear customs as quickly as possible by having the documentation in place before the ship even gets to port.

CBT has developed relationships with ocean carriers over decades, so we're well-versed in negotiating competitive rates for our clients. We are also adept at securing space, whether you need full containers, a partial container load, or even a special, out of container space.